Iowa Terminal 3

Iowa Terminal Railroad Snow Sweeper #3

Car #3 is typical of the type of cars used by systems in colder climatesfrom coast to coast to clear snow from tracks located in paved streets. Known as “snow sweepers”, these cars carried large spinning brooms that literally swept the snow off of the tracks, allowing service to continue during even the worst winter weather.
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Sweeper #3 Restoration

Capital Transit #09 / Iowa Terminal #3 Press Release

The Rockhill Trolley Museum (, is happy to announce its participation in an inter-museum exchange of historic vehicles and components between the Branford Electric Railway Association (, the National Capital Trolley Museum (, and the Rockhill Trolley Museum, three of the East Coast’s well-known operating electric railway museums.

P&W Freight Motor #402

P&W Freight Motor #402

The exact origins of very unique Philadelphia and Western Freight Motor #402 remain somewhat unclear. It can be reasonably assumed that the car was constructed around 1920 in the Highland Park shops of the Detroit United Railway and numbered 2010. The DUR both built and reconstructed a number of cars in house during the 1920s that have similar construction details to the 2010.
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