Johnstown Car Weekend

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 2023: 11 AM – 4 PM
SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2023: 11 AM – 4 PM

311_flags_355_pepsiTake a ride back in time on our 2 Johnstown Traction Company cars, #355 and #311, as we celebrate their history!

On June 11, 1960, trolley service ended in Johnstown and 311 and 355 were 2 of the last 3 cars in service on that day.

311 was the first car at Railways to Yesterday, aka Rockhill Trolley Museum, when public service began in 1963. After years of restoration, you will ride on the car as if it had been in service in the 1930s!

355 wasn’t the first car nor the second car to the museum. It lived in New Hampshire for about 10 years before being brought back to Pennsylvania. It too has gone through an extensive restoration and carries its title of Pennsylvania’s Trolley to a high standard!

Both cars have seen thousands of riders of their long history and we continue to offer rides and tell the history of these cars because they mean so much to us!

So come celebrate these cars on this weekend and let us how you feel after riding them. If you have any stories from riding them in previous years at our museum or in person when they were in service, we would love to hear about it!


Trolleys and Ice Cream!

SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 2023: 7 PM – 9 PM
SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2023: 7 PM – 9 PM

Take a ride on an antique trolley or two on a relaxing summer evening. Upon returning from your ride, you will be treated to ice cream in our pavilion.

Your ticket includes 1 free ice cream but unlimited rides.


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