RTM Campus Aerial View

Campus Map Legend:

Green: All available parking.

Parking IconWhen you get to the museum, you may park on the grass along the right side of the gravel road at right angles to the road. You can also turn left on the gravel road just beyond the ticket booth, cross the trolley track and park to the right at right angles to the trolley track. If you have questions about parking or special needs, you can stop briefly at the ticket booth.

Blue: Buildings – Ticket Booth, Museum Store, Carbarn 1, Restoration Shop, Restrooms

Orange: Food Pavillion – There is a handicapped restroom in the lower left corner of the food pavillion and a ramp in the lower right corner that leads to the museum store. A concrete walkway extends from the upper right corner across the tracks to a reserved handicapped parking space.

Loading Areas:

Yellow: Meadow Street Platform (Main loading area)

Orange: Food Pavillion Crosswalk

Lavender: Brick Platform (Main unloading area)

White: Loading Steps in Carbarn 1 Lead

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