Throughout the history of the museum, families have volunteered, sometimes for decades, to help the museum achieve its goals.

Our volunteers preserve history, while having fun at the same time. You can join the museum as a member and volunteer too!


We have volunteer opportunities available in many areas.

Here are just a few of the areas where you can help:

Trolley Operations: This department is responsible for training operators/conductors, selling tickets, scheduling trolleys, and operating the trolley cars. Training sessions are held in the Spring and throughout the rest of the year as needed. If you enjoy talking with people, you might enjoy being a volunteer motorman or conductor to help tell the story of the trolley car and the Rockhill Trolley Museum.

Museum Store: Help staff our gift shop as this department is responsible for selling books, postcards, and other souvenirs. These volunteers are responsible for staffing the store when the trolleys are operating.

Track & Overhead: This department is responsible for track construction and maintenance along with the construction and maintenance of the 600-volt overhead wire system the trolley uses to operate. The design, construction, and maintenance of buildings on the property is also the responsibility of this department.

Maintenance: This department is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the trolley cars. We have a well-equipped shop to make maintenance jobs easier. With a fleet of operable trolleys, gas cars and motor vehicles there is plenty to keep in good operating condition. If you enjoy working with “nuts and bolts” this department might be for you.

Restoration: This department is responsible for restoring the trolley cars to as original condition as possible. With 21 different trolleys in the collection there is plenty to do within this department and if you enjoy working with wood, steel, electrical wiring, air piping and painting this might be the department for you.

Buildings, Electrical & Groundskeeping: This department is responsible for maintaining the museum grounds and buildings. Keeping the grass cut, trimming weeds and landscaping are a few of the projects these volunteers work on.

Member Services: This department is responsible for the Member’s Building, which has restrooms, showers and a small meeting room and a caboose remodeled into a bunkhouse with eight bunks. These buildings need constant restocking with supplies and regular cleaning. Occasionally, these volunteers will prepare meals for the other volunteers, who purchase the meals, to help offset the supplies of the operation of these buildings.

Advertising: This committee is responsible for the museum’s advertising. This committee works with various tourist organizations, newspapers, radio and TV media. Volunteers create and review various advertising content. Volunteers also reach out to local businesses to post flyers on museum activities.

Special Events: Our volunteers help in many areas. Setting up for special events, cooking, selling tickets, promoting the museum at shows or helping at special event at the museum are just a few unusual ways to volunteer. We have something to do for everyone!

Administrative Business: If you have experience or interest in grant writing, fundraising, bookkeeping, record keeping, promotion or publicity, we need you!

Like to learn more? Complete this request form and a volunteer will be in touch with additional information.

Our museum provides comfortable facilities, with a lunchroom, bathrooms, showers, heating and air conditioning, and lots of good companionship. Overnight accommodations can be arranged for volunteers traveling from out of the area.

Our shop facilities are also well-equipped with woodworking and metalworking tools, and capabilities for heavy mechanical repairs and restorations.

Be assured that we are not obsessed with work! Work is done at a pace comfortable to everyone involved and is almost always punctuated by frequent “hot-air breaks”. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Please Note:

  • Pennsylvania law requires active onsite volunteers to submit volunteer clearances. For additional information regarding volunteer clearances, please click here.
  • All volunteers are required to follow the Rockhill Trolley Museum Members and Volunteers Code of Conduct.
  • Although we have an excellent safety record, our insurance provider requires our volunteers to be Rockhill Trolley Museum members and be covered by accident insurance. Minors are required to have parental approval and supervision while volunteering.