Coming June 2: Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Club Ride and Show

Saturday morning, June 2nd is the annual Aughwick Creek Antique Tractor Club Ride and Show. Club members drive their tractors the back roads from Shirleysburg through the countryside to the Rockhill Trolley Museum, where they enjoy riding our trolleys and displaying their pride in their tractors to all visitors and enjoying a pot luck-covered dish lunch before returning Shirleysburg the way the came, via tractor, of course!

The tractor show is a morning activity only, so arrive early, and you may get to ride before regular hours.

Event Details and Tickets here.

Johnstown 355

Johnstown #355

Our second trolley car from Johnstown ran in that city from the time it was built until the system in Johnstown was abandoned. Car #355 is a comfortable car built by the St. Louis Car Co. in 1925. The St. Louis Car Co. was known as the “Quality Shops,” where trolleys, rapid transit cars, and even airplanes were built for nearly 90 years, with production finally ceasing in 1973.

Embarking JTC 355

Passengers Board JTC Car #355 for the ride to Blacklog Narrows

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