Welcome Back East Broad Top Railroad


After eight years of successfully operating trolleys on our own, the Rockhill Trolley Museum is thrilled that there is a new non-profit owner for the East Broad Top Railroad with a mission very similar to our own. We look forward to the success of this new venture and to seeing the East Broad Top Railroad operating once again.

The Rockhill Trolley Museum is deeply grateful to the Kovalchick family for their decades of unfailing support since our first trolley car arrived in 1960. We appreciate everything they and the EBT have done for our preservation efforts and trolley operations. Without their consistent support over the years, the Rockhill Trolley Museum could not have become what it is today.

The Rockhill Trolley Museum management volunteers were kept informed of the negotiations to establish the East Broad Top Foundation Inc. and we are looking forward to working with them. We are thankful for this new beginning for the East Broad Top Railroad and the exciting possibilities the future holds for both of our organizations.ebt_passenger_rear_plat

We are looking forward to making Rockhill Furnace a major destination where historians, railfans and all visitors will be able to ride and experience two very unique forms of transportation.

Please click on eastbroadtop.com for additional information about this new Foundation for the preservation and operation of the East Broad Top Railroad.


The East Broad Top Railroad and the Rockhill Trolley Museum

The East Broad Top Railroadlogo_ebt-black is the oldest 3 foot (“narrow”) gauge railroad in the US and was only one east of the Mississippi still operating, until 2011, when regularly-scheduled tourist excursion operations were suspended indefinitely.

However, it remains a truly a unique piece of Americana. The original shops where cars were built and serviced still stand, and the Friends of the East Broad Top (FEBT) non-profit organization actively and enthusiastically continues projects to protect and preserve EBT assets.

The Rockhill Trolley Museum is a separate entity from the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company (EBT) and FEBT. We do lease our property from EBT, and while the EBT RR is a registered national historic landmark and the Rockhill Trolley Museum is not, many of our trolleys are older than the East Broad Top’s steam engines.

Should the EBT restart summer tourist excursions, please note that we have not historically cross-honored each others’ tickets. We have, however, attempted to coordinate ride scheduling, so visitors may conveniently experience both organizations’ rides and exhibits.