PCC #6 Newark City Subway


APRIL 14, 2011


Rockhill Furnace, PA – The Rockhill Trolley Museum, the operating entity of Railways To Yesterday, Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit educational corporation, is happy to announce the acquisition of former New Jersey Transit/Transport New Jersey/Public Service Coordinated Transport PCC Car #6. This historic car was acquired from New Jersey Transit via the Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center for preservation, display, and public operation at the museum’s location in the Allegheny Mountains of south-central Pennsylvania.

This historic car was originally built as car #325 for the Twin City Rapid Transit Company of Minneapolis, MN in 1946 by St. Louis Car Company and was sold to Public Service Coordinated Transport in 1953, where it was given #6 by PSCT. Car #6 served the citizens of Newark, NJ from 1953 until 2001, after which time it was retired from service and placed in storage.

Acquisition of this car is a significant milestone for both the car and the museum. This year, 2011, marks 10 years since the Newark City Subway cars were retired, and 75 years since the first production PCC cars entered service in North America. More than 2,000 PCC cars operated within 200 miles of the museum’s location in Rockhill Furnace, thus it is only fitting that such a significant PCC car should become part of the museum’s collection in 2011.

Car #6 is the second PCC car in the museum collection, joining former Philadelphia Transportation Company/SEPTA car #2743, which is in service after receiving $40,000 of electrical and underbody work over the past 6 years and is presently in the early stages of a restoration to its 1959 appearance.

Car #6 was shipped from New Jersey on April 12 and unloaded in Rockhill Furnace on April 13, where it was immediately placed in protected storage in the museum’s Carbarn #1 for display and servicing to permit the car’s return to operation as quickly as possible. Barring any unforeseen mechanical or electrical problems, the museum plans to have the car in public operation this summer.

The Rockhill Trolley Museum is one of the oldest continuously operating trolley museums in the Middle Atlantic, having operated trolleys every year since 1962. The museum offers a very scenic three mile round trip ride along scenic Blacklog Creek and is located across the street from the historic East Broad Top Railroad. For more information on the museum, as well as information on how to contribute to the preservation of #6 and other significant museum rojects, please visit our website at www.rockhilltrolley.org.

Matthew W. Nawn
First Vice President, Railways To Yesterday, Inc.

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