We’re very sad to inform everyone of a very tragic accident for our museum family involving one of our dedicated members and volunteers and a good friend to many. Eric Turner passed away due to injuries sustained in an automobile accident while traveling to work on Wednesday July 6.

If you saw Eric on a trolley car, it was often with his love, Shannon. They enjoyed operating the trolley cars together and took every opportunity to be together at the museum. They even had a trolley wedding, in September, 2021. They were married in front of York Rys. Car 163, which was the first car they were both qualified on and the museum pavilion never looked more elegant!

While becoming members in late 2020, Eric and Shannon made an immediate impact at the museum and volunteering. Eric brought his mechanical and welding skills with him to the museum every visit. Eric could often be found in the shop fixing any number of things or making shop improvements.

Eric worked at the East Broad Top Railroad and loved his day job, especially working on returning steam locomotive #16 back to operation. Eric loved volunteering at the trolley museum and was a very devoted volunteer. One could not say enough good things about Eric. He was just a wonderful person, a delight to volunteer with, and was always willing to go out of his way to help someone. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was truly a gentleman.

Information regarding the services are below in the links. With the memorial service next Saturday, July 16, the Museum will be closed that day for all volunteers to be able to attend.

Rest in peace, our dear friend Eric, we will never forget you! We send our condolences and sympathies to his wife Shannon, family and friends.