Funds Sought to Return Open Trolley Car #1875 to Service

The Rockhill Trolley Museum is kicking off a campaign to raise funds for mechanical work needed to return our open trolley car to service.

It is our most popular trolley on a hot summer day, however, after more than 45 years of service at the museum, car 1875 needs major mechanical work.

The goal of this campaign is to fund a total overhaul of the car’s running gear. This overhaul will involve complete reconstruction of the trucks and complete overhaul of the electric motors. The wheels also need to be replaced. We are estimating that this work could exceed $70,000.

Please help
return open trolley car 1875 to service
at the Rockhill Trolley Museum

We are fortunate to have been approved for a generous matching grant from the 20th Century Electric Railway Foundation. This grant will match $35,000 in contributions from other sources. We have raised approximately $15,000 of our portion of the match.

San Diego LRV #1019

San Diego U2 LRV Acquisition Fund


A major milestone has been accomplished – Rockhill trolley museum has become the first museum on the east coast to operate a modern light rail vehicle – but additional financial support is needed!

At 7:20PM on Thursday, June 26, 2014, Rockhill Trolley Museum became the first museum on the East Coast of the United States to operate a modern light rail vehicle. Newly acquired San Diego Trolley #1019 operated under its own power one week after it was delivered the museum and reassembled by a team of volunteers and professional mechanics.
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