Rio Open Car #1875

1875 Controllers Receive Attention

May 15, 2004

Rio car 1875 is one of the most popular cars in our fleet, and is the only 'open' trolley car operating in Pennsylvania. It's great on sunny summer days, and everyone loves to ride it for our Ice Cream Trolley Nights.

The car racks up many miles, so it needs plenty of attention to keep it looking good and operating well. Thankfully, we have some experienced volunteers to help give it the needed care.

In preparation for upcoming operations, a long-time mechanical department volunteer attends to the controllers and airbrake valves of 1875.

May 2004

Open car 1875 has new shoes

July 24, 2004

Unlike many trolley museums which use current-collector wheels, we use carbon shoes, which slide along the trolley wire to collect electricity. Shoes are a regular maintenance item, and must be replaced before they wear down and allow the brass harp which holds them to contact the relatively soft copper wire of the overhead.

A volunteer gains some elevation to service the carbon shoe in open car 1875.

July 2004

Hardly ideal work conditions

May 10, 2003:

Though we are constantly trying to improve our facilities for car maintenance and restoration, sometimes we have to bite the bullet and do work when--and where--it's possible, even if it means out on the tracks. Taking proper safety precautions, a volunteer grabs the opportunity to install a new air filter on open car 1875 during one of the few times this very popular car is not in use.

May 2003