Rio Open Car #1875

Fall?? Spectacular - It sure feels like summer!!

October 6, 2007

Unseasonable temperatures in the high 80's greeted railfans from across the globe as they descended on Rockhill Furnace for the biggest weekend of the year at the museum and neighboring East Broad Top Railroad. The barns were emptied both days as ten historic trolleys plus the M-25 Diesel, made multiple trips along the trolley line often packed with visitors.

October 2007

Fresh sand hoppers for 1875

March 27, 2004

Some time ago, a skilled volunteer carefully replicated four sand hoppers from Rio car #1875, which were in horrible condition. After spending some time "absorbing the ambience" of our shop, they have now been painted and are being installed in the car, as they should have been a long time ago. Oh, well. When you have a project list light-years long, not everything happens immediately!

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March 2004

Ah, Some Lovely Filth!

May 2, 2004

Routine maintenance is always a joy, especially when it involves the dirt which tends to reside around traction motors, gear cases, and brake rigging.

A maintenance volunteer seems oblivious to the fine tropical-hardwoods of Rio trolley #1875 which surround him as he works to service traction motors through access hatches in the floor.

May 2004