Philadelphia Suburban #61

Philadelphia Suburban #61

Rockhill Trolley Museum Photo

Our first trolley acquired from the Philadelphia area is center-door Car #61. This suburban trolley was built by the J. G. Brill Co. of Philadelphia in 1925 for a cost of $19,000. It was originally built for the Philadelphia & West Chester Traction Co. (P&WCT Co.), which later became part of Red Arrow Lines. In the first part of the last century the P&WCT Co. could not handle the increasing crowds of riders with the existing fleet of cars. They ordered new cars very different from any former style. Known as a center-entrance car, #61 has two large sliding doors in the center of the car which enable passengers to be loaded and unloaded quickly. The high back leather seats and ornate trim work of previous trolleys were replaced by rather spartan interiors and rattan covered seats.

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1991 In Review

We built the dual gauge switch off the mainline for Carbarn Two, as well as the three track turnouts and tracks two and three.

Then we moved the first trolleys on rail inside.

The museum hosted the ARM convention.

We installed trolley poles on freight motor 402 and Bullet car 205 from Philadelphia.

We acquired the Bobcat loader.

Red Arrow center door car 61 was moved to museum from member Don Pharo’s farm in Bethlehem.

Harrisburg car 710 and Hagerstown & Frederick 5 were put on trucks and moved indoors with 61 and Philadelphia Bridge car 1009.

January 1991