Oporto C-64

Oporto C-64

Rockhill Trolley Museum Photo

One of the most useful trolleys at our museum is our track service car. Car 64 from Oporto, Portugal, was built in the company shops in the 1930's. According to the Oporto trolley museum, some of these cars hauled coal straight from mines to the company's electric power plant. Others were used to remove ash from the power plant, and some to haul odd freight--including fish!--between the port and the markets. The sides of the four-wheeled car fold down, allowing easy access to the load.

Car 64 was acquired by our museum in 1967 along with Oporto car 172. Both cars were brought across the Atlantic ocean aboard a ship to Philadelphia, PA. Two trucks were then used to transport the antique trolley cars to our Museum.

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The Fix it Crew

March 29, 2008

To get ready for this spring's projects, some time was taken to make sure some of the more useful tools were ready for action. Adjustments were made to the air governnor on C-64...

Photos: Chuck K

March 2008