Harrisburg Railways #710

Maryland Trolley Ready for New Home

March 11, 2006

Freight motor #5 from the Hagerstown & Frederick Railway in Maryland is about to have a new home, back in its home state. The H&F Railway Historical Society has arranged to store the car in the Hagerstown area, and eventually hopes to restore and exhibit the car. The car was shifted to the front of Carbarn 2 for easy access.The shifting meant that several pieces which are rarely outside saw some daylight.

Diesel M-25 pulls Harrisburg 710 from the carbarn.

Photos: J Salomon

March 2006

1999 In Review

1999 saw 1000 school children visit museum.

On Community Day, we held the dedication of Open trolley #1875 at museum.

We developed a York Rys and Harrisburg Rys photo exhibit for Museum Store.

We built Track five at Carbarn Two, and erected overhead wire over tracks two, three and five.

We completed cosmetic restoration of D.C. Transit 09.

A grant application to TEA-21 was submitted for restoration of Johnstown Traction Co 355.

Scranton Transit 505 was moved to museum.

Over 700 people were carried at Santa’s Trolley.

January 1999

1991 In Review

We built the dual gauge switch off the mainline for Carbarn Two, as well as the three track turnouts and tracks two and three.

Then we moved the first trolleys on rail inside.

The museum hosted the ARM convention.

We installed trolley poles on freight motor 402 and Bullet car 205 from Philadelphia.

We acquired the Bobcat loader.

Red Arrow center door car 61 was moved to museum from member Don Pharo’s farm in Bethlehem.

Harrisburg car 710 and Hagerstown & Frederick 5 were put on trucks and moved indoors with 61 and Philadelphia Bridge car 1009.

January 1991