Rebuilt Engine in Brookville

July 23, 2006

A volunteer rebuilt the flathead Ford V-8 engine for our Brookville gas-mechanical locomotive. Working with other volunteers it has now been reinstalled.

Volunteers use a borrowed service truck to place the rebuilt engine back in the Brookville.

Photos: Chuck K

July 2006

Look, Ma! No engine!

February 26, 2005

Our personnel have worried about the health of our Bobcat skid loader for many months, as its engine was knocking significantly at certain times. At our 2005 budget meeting, we took the proactive step of budgeting for potential repairs to this critical piece of work equipment. After consultations with multiple volunteers, we agreed that a rod bearing was failing and that it made sense to repair the engine before it failed catastrophically and damaged its block.

Volunteers have removed the Ford 1.6L gas engine to prepare it for a visit to a machine shop for major surgery. Repairs are estimated at $2000.

The engine sits outside the machine.

February 2005

Brookville Goes Under the Knife

December 4, 2005

Our Brookville gas-mechanical locomotive has faithfully served us for many years. It has finally reached the point where its engine runs on about half its cylinders, its transmission is worn out, and its starter is highly temperamental. At our recent 2006 budget meeting, we allocated funds to rebuild the engine and transmission before they failed. As soon as our Santa events were over, volunteers began removing the components. While the unit is out of service, we may try to complete its repainting as well. We believe this investment will allow the diminutive locomotive to serve us for many more years.

During the removal project, a volunteer ponders what comes off next.

December 2005

Good weekend for a dry shop

June 7, 2003:

Rainy weekends aren't all bad, especially when you're in the best-equipped railroad restoration shop in central PA. We're always happy to show visitors around our shop, but sometimes a quiet weekend to catch up on projects is very welcome.

At left, one of our newer volunteers works with his son to repair the horns of our Brookville gas locomotive.

June 2003

Brookville Locomotive Restoration

July 7, 2001: The small gasoline Brookville locomotive which has served our museum for many years is finally receiving much-deserved cosmetic attention. Volunteers have been removing the various colors of faded paint. The rusted roof and body panels will be repaired, and the unit will be repainted, hopefully by the end of summer.

July 2001