Decade In Review - 1990's

1990's Wrap-Up

Keeping the museum staffed with trolley operators and Museum Store staff is a never-ending challenge. Many hours are expended on trolley, track, and grounds maintenance. Planning and coordinating for Members' Day events, the yearly visit from Santa, fan trips in Philadelphia, and the tremendous amount of administrative work required to keep an organization like ours operating keep several dedicated members always busy.

Thanks to all the members who have made the 1990’s the successful years that they were.

December 1999

1999 In Review

1999 saw 1000 school children visit museum.

On Community Day, we held the dedication of Open trolley #1875 at museum.

We developed a York Rys and Harrisburg Rys photo exhibit for Museum Store.

We built Track five at Carbarn Two, and erected overhead wire over tracks two, three and five.

We completed cosmetic restoration of D.C. Transit 09.

A grant application to TEA-21 was submitted for restoration of Johnstown Traction Co 355.

Scranton Transit 505 was moved to museum.

Over 700 people were carried at Santa’s Trolley.

January 1999

1998 In Review

In 1998, we rebuilt the flatcar into overhead bucket car.

Re regauged the second truck and returned Philadelphia PCC 2743 to service. Rio open car 1875 was also returned to service after 20-month cosmetic restoration.

We participated in the Hershey Museum trolley display.

Dedicated member Dolores Salomon passed away.

We installed overhead trolley wire over the east half of Altoff siding.

D.C. Transit 09 entered the shop for restoration.

January 1998