Electrification: Hanging Wire

With bracket arms in place, copper overhead wire was strung and tensioned using a wire train made up of our diesel locomotive, bucket car, and caboose...

Anchoring wire at the end of line.

<< Wire is firmly secured to the anchor pole at the end of wire.

Wire is fed off our improvised "wire train", up over the caboose roof, and onto the bracket arms.

Volunteers tend the spool of wire in its rack on the bucket car. We designed the bucket car for just this job, although we never expected to reel out 3000 feet of wire with it! >>

<< Here wire is fed onto the roof of our wooden caboose.

As unspooling progresses, the bucket is used to place the wire onto the bracket arms. Wire is passed through lengths of PVC pipe so it will slide easily.>>
Once wire is up, it must be fastened into overhead fittings on each bracket arm to secure it.

<< A volunteer lifts supplies for the fittings into the bucket using--a bucket.

The wooden caboose is now being used as a convenient work platform. >>

An unusual view of one of the overhead fittings used to position the wire in a curve. Our M-100 motorcar waits in the distance.