Track Construction: Collecting Materials

Ties, plates, spikes, and rails must all arrive for track building to begin... and overhead hardware must be ready as soon as track construction is complete.

Although overhead construction is a long way off, materials for it must be prepared well in advance to meet our aggressive schedule.

Our volunteers prepare and paint bracket arms which have been fabricated in our shop. These arms will mount to the line poles and support the trolley wire. >>

Carbarn 2 is the site for unloading "new" rail from Kovalchick Corp. The pile of tie plates in the foreground have been evaluated and sorted by our volunteers.

<< The project used more than 170 sticks of "Russian" rail, each 35 feet long and weighing 67.6 pounds per yard, about half as heavy as the heaviest Class 1 rail.

More than 3000 tie plates were needed, each individually evaluated for condition.

More than 6200 brand-new spikes were purchased, along with 1500 new "industrial grade" treated wooden ties.

No using bent, rusty, second-hand spikes for this project! >>

Our custom switch frog for the pocket track at the end-of-line.

<< Switch frogs this tight are not readily available. The tightest common railroad switch is a #8; this one is about a #2.75 (although the number system doesn't really work for switches this tight).