Track Construction: Track Laying

Actual track construction begins with placing ties, then laying rail on top of them...

With new ties laid in place, a Reese grapple truck placed rail.

<< The grapple made it easy to inspect each stick of rail and decide--if not quite straight--which way around it should go.

An experienced operator uses the grapple with impressive precision. >>
With rail in place, the joint bars and track bolts were installed. About 340 custom joint bars and more than 700 new track bolts were installed.

<< The light rail made it impossible to machine-tighten many of the bolts, requiring things to be done the old fashioned way.

Spiking was done with both air spikers and by hand using a spike maul.

A Reese employee demonstrates his ability with a spike maul. In the background is a self-propelled hi-rail air compressor used for powering air tools. >>
The end of track just kept creeping along.

<< You can almost smell the creosote and freshly-treated line poles.