"Black Log Narrows" Track Extension

For many years, our volunteers wished to extend our demonstration railroad further along the former EBT Shade Gap branch. In late 2000, it looked like the time had come, as a pending highway improvement project threatened easy access to the far end of the roadbed. Our museum therefore undertook a campaign to build over 2900 feet of brand new track and overhead during 2001. By Fall Spectacular of 2001, our demonstration railroad was operating with this very scenic addition to our line. The trackage reaches the approximate site where a small EBT station once stood, called "Black Log Narrows" [note: most modern sources merge the words Black and Log into one word].

Read more in two press releases we issued:

Initial Press Release, 12/30/2000

Follow-up Press Release, 03/31/2001

Join us on a photographic tour and explanation of the entire project in the following pages...


During the winter of 2000-2001, volunteers examined the right-of-way of the former East Broad Top RR's Shade Gap branch, to determine feasibility and estimate costs of a track extension.

<< This view looks inbound, near the proposed end of the line. Note the significant rock outcrops of Black Log Mountain on the left.

Our end-of-track had been this point since 1993, when volunteers completed 600 feet of trackage beyond Altoff passing siding.

To the right and just above our track is the former tramroad which connected an iron ore mine to the Rockhill Coal & Iron Company's furnaces. >>

Outbound on the new line, the track will curve along the base of Black Log Mountain, following Black Log Creek.

<< Notable along the route are an early iron ore mine and its tramroad, remnants of the grade of the McKelvey Brothers' logging railroad, which departed the EBT to climb Black Log Mountain, and fragments of a wooden trestle which once brought quarried ganister rock to EBT trains.

A Look Back in Time...

An early postcard view of Black Log Narrows shows what is now Route 522 meandering along the base of the mountain at left; Black Log Creek parallels it.

The East Broad Top's Shade Gap branch followed a course along the mountain base to the right.