Electrification: Bonding

On June 15, 2001, work began on bonding of the rails. Because the rails form the return path for the current to power cars, each stick of rail must be electrically well-connected to its neighbors.

Lying down on the job? Bonding underway on the new trackage, using a portable electric welder on a push cart.

<< Since the rails are used as the return path for the electric current used to power cars, they must be connected together with copper bonds, or short jumper wires.

First the area for the bond is cleaned with an electric grinder, then the bond is arc welded to end rail end.

Another view.

The orange water cooler was put to good use, as the bonding went on in some particularly hot weather.

About 170 rail bonds had to be installed, as well as 8 cross-bonds, which connect between the two rails across the track for a better electrical path. >>