Electrification: Bracket Arms

Before copper overhead wire is strung, bracket arms to support the wire must be mounted on each pole...

Erecting two poles at the end of track. These will be anchor points for the ends of the overhead wires.

<< Once these two poles are placed, access to the end of line is basically impossible.

Bracket arm installation begins.

At the workbench on the bucket car, a volunteer prepares the guy wire for a bracket arm. >>

The arm goes up...

<< A power drill and template are used to create bolt holes for mounting the arm.

The bucket car makes access to the bracket arms easy. Air and electric are conveniently available in the bucket!

A guy wire is attached from the pole to the bracket arm. >>

On curved trackage, bracket arm installation becomes more complex...

<< A back guy wire is installed on a curved section of overhead.

Another view of a volunteer using the bucket car for bracket arm installation. >>

<< A "trolley pole view" of that very useful tool, the bucket car.